Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2008 U.S. cesarean section rate

Click for more details at The Unnecesarean:

Any bets on next year's number? I'm going for 33%.


  1. Rixa, you don't seem the betting type. :)

    But put me down for 35%.

  2. you know what's appalling? this quote:
    "Preliminary data from the 2008 calendar year showed that the total number of births decreased by 2 percent from 2007, while the cesarean rate rose for the twelfth year in a row."

    Less births, and the rate STILL rose.

  3. 33% does seem a bit on the conservative side. I'd go for somewhere in between 34-36% for 2009. I'm hoping that mainstream awareness of the issue will help the number start to go down a smidge--or at least hold steady for 2010 instead of increasing.

  4. Knowing and taking into consideration that this is a "national rate" here in sunny South Florida (Miami) we have a very large and "popular" hospital that boasts a 62% cesarean section rate as of 2009. I'll give you a minute to throw up...I feel the chunks starting to rise myself...bleh


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