Thursday, April 08, 2010

Paper Raisins hats

The owner of Paper Raisins, one of the Writing Contest sponsors, graciously sent me two of her handmade hats to review. I am delighted to feature her work!
Paper Raisins specializes in hand knit and crocheted hats and photography props. Paper Raisins enjoys creating things in bright to subdued colors, fun styles, whimsical garments and retro 1920's inspired designs. They use natural fibers wherever possible. Paper Raisins loves the unexpected, whether it be color, texture or design.

Zari is wearing the ribbon sunhat in natural. Isn't it lovely? It comes with an olive green ribbon, but you could easily switch the ribbon to match what your child is wearing.
Dio is wearing the kitty hat in natural. I smile every time I see him wearing it. It will make a fantastic winter hat/Halloween costume/dress-up prop.
Then of course we had to mix things up a bit and let Zari try on Dio's hat:
Paper Raisins doesn't just make children's hats and scarves. You'll also find cardigans, ponchos, headbands, and slippers. Hats for yourself. Photography props for newborns.
Baby bonnets and caps and newborn hats--plain, with ears, or shaped like these irresistible ones. I need another newborn so I can put one of these delightful hats on its head!
I love Paper Raisins' 1920s-inspired designs and styles.
A note about sizing: Paper Raisins hats are generously sized. Both Zari's and Dio's head measurements fell between sizes, so I ordered the next size up. I should have ordered down. Zari's hat is a tad too big, while Dio is swimming in his kitty hat.
My recommendation, especially for the more fitted-style hats: take a very careful head measurement and order the smaller size if there's any question of which to choose.

And a final photo just because:


  1. my goodness, the newborn in the rainbow yarn hat; be still my fertile womb! That picture was ADORABLE.

  2. beautiful hats and beautiful children.
    I would wear the cat hat if it came in my size.

  3. @ Melanie... LOL... I'm sure it does come in your size!! ..I made an owl for my cousin (who's a grown-up)... similar base!!! :)

  4. Those hats are ADORABLE!

  5. You should make a monkey one too!

  6. a monkey hat is actually on my "to do" list... :)

  7. Thanks so much for the links! I'm always looking for props for my newborns for work. :)


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