Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Breech in the System

A recent documentary about an Australian woman who has a breech baby vaginally "in the system."

From the documentary's website:

A BREECH IN THE SYSTEM. A woman wants to give birth to her breech baby in a hospital. They say she has to have a caesarean section. This is an inspiring documentary about her to attempt to birth naturally against all odds.

Karin Ecker’s interest in social issues has brought her international credits for her filmmaking plus photographic art. From filming European children exploring environmental issues in the Bahamas to physically handicapped people scuba diving in the Egyptian Sea, she now brings her lens to the issue of childbirth choices in Australia. She intends to use this film as a tool to support the voice of ‘woman’.

Click here to learn more about the story behind the film.

I would love to review this documentary, if the filmmaker is interested.


  1. I have this DVD - and the only thing I had an issue with is they don't show the actual birth of the baby. It goes from baby out to head and then suddenly, baby is on the warming table being wrapped up to bring back to mom.

    I'm not sure why it was edited out but I think things like that skew our ideas about breech vaginal delivery. Like somehow if we don't show that the baby needed help or resuscitation then it looks better.

  2. Now you KNOW I eat this up.

    I think one of my most confounding moments, when it really hit me what an incredible blessing Abigail's birth was for her and for us, was when I was at an Ican meeting listening to an attorney tell her story.

    In short, healthy Mama, inspiring labor story (she was actually sitting for the bar when she went into labor. Contx started, she finished her exam in it's entirety, her water broke while she was talking to the proctor, drove herself the the hospital!) got to 10 centimeters, oops, breech, section. Her doctor would NOT consent to anything else and she is now so utterly upset by the whole thing that she is involved in something that will hopefully change a thing or two for us Maryland women here in the states. It's kind of inspiring to have an angry attorney in the ranks for breech birth, here!

    But as she's sharing her story, her outrage, her rage, even, at the events of the delivery of her *first child* for what amounts to no reason at all, it hit me like a ton of bricks how amazing and blessed our birth really was.

    Keep singing your song, Mama. Please!

  3. I wonder if filming wasn't allowed at that point. I know some hospitals make you turn off the camera during certain points in the birth. A great question to ask the filmmaker!

  4. I have done a review of this film and used the review in my workshop. I also offered it to the makers along with a few questions to make some comment. It was not received very well and the questions not answered.
    I particularly asked about the active editing during the birth. I don't edit my breech videos and found it difficult to understand why there was so much unexplained hands on. I wondered about the time lapse and obvious editing at certain points.
    I was told that I was a homebirther out to make trouble. (by the midwife involved actually).
    But I wanted to give a fair review and if the ob was worried on timing I could say that she was expediting the birth.
    I also have lots of issues with the interviews, especially the friend who said she had a breech at home but it was ok for her as she had a tried and tested pelvis.
    I would be very interested in your take on the video.

  5. Looks like a great story and great message! When I had just had my first UC and my Sis ended up with a cescareian for a breech baby, I was so struck by what the system speaks at LAW and how very wrong it is.

    I had the re-occurring thought throughout my pregnancy that I should be prepared for a breach birth... I wish I had been bolder to share the information with my sister, as maybe it wasn't my breach birth I was learning this for, but hers a mere 4 months later. She's now had a beautifully successful VBAC. With that she has found a passion for natural birth, and hopes to have her next at home. I know she'd love to see this.

    How exciting to see women say, "You won't deliver my baby the way I want? Then, I'll do it myself!"
    Taking back birth!

  6. hi, i am glad my film and the birth of my child has become a point of reference for people. my aim in making this film was to tell the general audience of my birth experience. i made this film for a TV station in europe, who was interested in my birth story. only after the completion of the film did i became aware of how much of interest it was to the birth professionals.
    i did edit the birth from a filmmakers point of view and not to make the birth look different. the actual birth is on the film. the thing that was added was the time from getting up from my hands and knees to standing position. the head came out really fast and on top of it the placenta. there was no agenda of my friend, who was the camera person to leave out certain points. she herself had a breech birth at home and was just following what happened as closely as she could. my baby was carried to the resuscitation table, which is also shown in the film.
    i am very excited to share my experience. i understand it would be more satisfying for the health professionals to see the whole birth without edit, but that is not possible, when making a film for the general audience. I had 45 min time only and had to make a professional film.
    However the main message of the film is to inspire women to realize that they have a choice and that it is doable. i am just so happy that the people around me supported me in that. arlian is a happy, healthy boy now and i helped him to come into this world the way he seemed to intend. thanks to my homebirth midwife sue cookson and my OB Geeta Sales. my gratitude is with them all the way!!!

  7. As an MD that does breech deliveries I applaud this woman. CLAPCLAPCLAP

    I have made my blog private but can be reached through my email,

    Cogratulations on your delivery!!!


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