Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barb Herrera: The Deal with Dr. Wonderful

Barb Herrera, CPM, LM, explains the deal with Dr. Wonderful. Check it out if you want to learn more about her encounters with Dr. Biter, his pracice style, and how one might view him through malpractice lawyers' or hospital executives' or physician colleagues' eyes.


  1. I tend to agree with Amy. Not with her statements about ridiculous lawsuits and putting staff "at risk" or any of that other CYA garbage, but with the comment about supporting someone so wholeheartedly without actually knowing the particulars.

    I personally love that my midwife hugs me hello and goodbye each time I see her, and I'm not sure I'd feel differently if she was a male OB--although there are lots of reasons why I wouldn't pick a male OB in the first place.

    Barb doesn't actually explain "the deal with Dr. Wonderful". She explains wonderful things he has done in the past. No one knows what happened. She purports to stop the rumors from spreading, yet spreads more than a few herself.

    Poorly done, Barb.

  2. I do have to agree and disagree. From the testimonies of people who had him as a birth attendant, he seems like a good OB. BUT I would feel very uncomfortable with anyone, midwife or not, touching me in such a manner. I do know many people who don't understand my personal space, usually because of cultural or familial values. I very rarely jump to the conclusion of sexual harassment though. I think that "IF" this truly was the reason he was suspended that normally an OB would be notified that a patient felt uncomfortable and that they should be more careful next time. But since he was already rocking the boat too much, this was used as a justification to get rid of him. That is IF this was the reason. I hope that makes sense.

  3. How can anyone really comment on this situation without evaluating the six pending malpractice and professional negligence cases against Dr. Biter? I am completely willing to reserve judgment, but at the same time, very much want to know what the cases are about. I think we really need that information, and it seems like the most likely reason he's been suspended (six cases in 5 years, with 4 in the last 13 months, is a lot).

  4. The only problem with blaming lawsuits (pending or past), is that Dr. Biter has never been sued for any OB outcomes, only gyne; yet his OB privileges have been revoked while he still has gyne privileges at that hospital. It seems that if it were the lawsuits they were worried about, they'd have pulled the gyne instead of the OB privileges, or both. It just doesn't make sense for them to pull his OB privileges because of gyne lawsuits, while still allowing him to practice gyne surgery there. It seems that it *must* be due to something in regards to his OB practice style; yet he's never been sued for anything OB.


  5. I've wondered the same thing...
    if a doctor is dangerous - or perceived to be... wouldn't you end all privileges, not just OB?? That is what makes the hospital look fishy.

  6. As far as I know, no one is clear on the details of the nature of the 6 lawsuits pending against Dr. Biter. All I know is that 6 is A LOT! Dr. Fischbein was also reprimanded in the past for having sexual relations with a patient. Where are the doctors who support natural birth who don't have such dodgy records?

    When I hear about a "Dr Wonderful" who is being persecuted by the medical establishment, the first thing that comes to my mind is, "Do they have any lawsuits against them?" I want to know the details behind the actions against the doctor before I throw my support behind them.

    I'm a natural birth advocate, and I feel like I deserve the best care possible from my doctor, so won't settle for anything less based purely on sharing the same birth ideologies.

  7. It's sad to say, but two male OB's I've had, both known to be supportive of natural childbirth, were huge disappointments to me. Both lacked professionalism, and both were negligent to varying degrees. The more well-known doctor for being supportive of natural childbirth I decided to file a detailed grievance against as well as the hospital. It was terribly sad, and as far I know, I was the only patient whose delivery ended the way it did, but I wanted to make sure it was the last. The California State Board of Medicine is too lenient on their doctors. With 6 cases filed against Dr. Biter, hopefully those cases will be well researched and some appropriate action taken by the Medical Board to protect future patients. We'll have to refrain from any conclusions until this whole matters plays out. That takes time.


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