Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More reviews of Babies

Another review of Babies from Psychology Today...


  1. what did you think? did you see it?
    I did, and Loved it, although it was a little slow at parts.
    I did like the non-distraction of no narration, but I did have questions.
    I wanted more info on how they non-diapered in africa and mongolia
    And the fathers in those two places were less than involved.
    In africa, I don't recall seeing any adult males-- was that cultural or practical?
    I was fascinated with how the mothers bathed their babies, from squirting breastmilk on their faces to clean their face, to filling their mouths with water to squirt in crevices on the baby.
    overall it was FASCINATING.
    and it was sad and kind of nice at the same time that we essentially had the theater to ourselves.

  2. It's now showing where I live, unfortunately. It's almost an hour's drive away to the nearest theater showing it, so I'm trying to figure out how/if I can see it with both kids (since my husband is out of town right now).


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