Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dr. Robert Biter of San Diego, aka Dr. Wonderful

Over the past few days, a maelstrom has arisen over Dr. Robert Biter's sudden loss of privileges from Scrippes Encinitas in San Diego. You may recall that he is the "Dr. Wonderful" of Navelgazing Midwife's blog. I won't attempt to rehash what has happened, but will instead provide links to the back story, information on the rally tomorrow (Rick Lake will be there!), and more information about his work as a physician.

First, some links that explain what's happening:
More about Dr. Biter's new freestanding maternity center, Babies by the Sea
  • Babies by the Sea already houses an eco-friendly mama-baby boutique of the same name
  • Dr. Biter writes about the birth center, which will be a freestanding maternity center (my term; meaning it has surgical capabilities in-house): "In Spring 2010, Dr. Biter will celebrate the next evolution in his vision as the new Babies by the Sea Birth Center opens, affording his patients the ability to birth their babies in a natural, healthy setting, with the convenience of having all the necessary surgical and medical back-up in the event of crisis situations."
  • Another article about the birth center in progress comments that will will feature "ob-gyns and midwives working side by side....It will also be natural-birth friendly and feature surgical rooms in case a patient opts for-or needs-medical intervention."
How to get involved and keep updated:
More about the man behind the mask:


  1. You know, now that you're mentioning the birth center, I can't help wondering if part of their still-mysterious motives have anything to do with concerns about competition with the birth center - though it seems like a backasswards way to go about thwarting the endeavor. Could it be as simple (and petty) as knowing he was planning on moving most if not all his work to the birth center, so they in effect said "You can't quit! You're fired!"? Maybe to try to put some kind of smudge on his name so that he might take fewer patients and less revenue away from them? Could it be that absurd?

    And thanks for the linkage (though it's wonky for some reason - Dr. Fischbein's is too). :O)

  2. Wow, crazy. Thanks for sharing, he sounds so amazing. Doula-la, I think it absolutely could be that absurd. Petty politics and all. Am I recalling correctly that in Rixa's recent book review of a midwife's memoir, her OB husband was ousted for essentially being awesome? Keep us posted. I think you can't step too far out of line without being punished by your colleagues.

  3. I am going to hold off judgement for either side until there are more details. I'd be afraid to picket for someone's defense without knowing everything.
    I support his style of doctoring but that does not mean I support all of his actions.
    Its very hard to say at this point.

  4. I appreciate the effort to keep as many medical personel who are known to be supportive of the natural process of birth in facilities where they can serve their communities. However, regarding the firestorm of support for Dr. B, why is it that this sort of thing occurs for an OB but not for our midwives who are in the field and work as much, if not more, and who get torched for various reasons? I wish this kind of "firestorm" would occur when our wonderful midwives get trashed by "competing" care providers.

  5. Gee. I wonder if it has anything to do with the four malpractice suits filed against him in the last year.

    Dr. Wonderful Defendant!

  6. Dr. Biter was one of the most caring doctors I have ever been to. I had PSOS symptoms my entire life and went to many doctors and he was the only doctor that helped me at age 37. I was trying to get pregnant for 10 years and 6 monthes after seeing Dr Biter I became pregnant. I truely believes he cares for his clients and wants to do his best to help them. Doctors aren't Gods and some make mistakes like we all do. All I can say is he helped me where many many other doctors didn't.



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