Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Giveaway of Gratitude

I am full of gratitude for the blessing of Inga's pregnancy and birth. Thankful that she made it here safely. Thankful that she was born healthy and strong. Grateful for access to skilled midwives and to hospital services if needed. Grateful for the simple but essential things that keep us healthy: clean drinking water, sanitation, and fresh, plentiful food.

I would like to invite you to share in my thanksgiving by making a donation to a nonprofit maternal/child health organization of your choice. To entice you to participate, I am thrilled to offer three fantastic giveaway prizes!

Prize #1: $55 online gift certificate to CSN Stores
With over 2 million products, from swing sets for kids to baby gear to kitchen appliances, CSN Stores is sure to have something you want!

Prize #2: Daisy Ribbons Package ($34 value)
Inspired by garden plants and animals, Daisy Ribbons creates beautiful hair accessories. From calla lilies to zinnias, butterflies to bumblebees, Daisy Ribbons bows are sure to please. The Small Package includes four of the most popular bows.

Prize #3: Silk Sling from Second Womb Slings ($60 value)
Turn heads with this iridescent pintucked silk dupioni sling from Second Womb Slings. Woven with scarlet and midnight blue cross threads, the silk appears to change color from plum to burgundy. The fabric features delicate pintucking and decorative top stitching.

Contest Rules:
Please spread the word and donate today. I will donate an additional silk sling for every $1,000 raised!*

Until the silk runs out...


    1. What a neat contest! Those hair bows are so cute. YOu seem like my type of mama. Please come vist my blog!!

    2. Wow! Thank you for including Mother Health International in this contest. We appreciate your support and generosity of spirit.

      In great gratitude,
      Heather Maurer, Founder, Executive Director, Mother Health International

    3. A good friend of mine Raw Melissa (Raw chef, Doula and Childbirth Educator) is in Haiti right now with, MamaBaby Haiti. It seems like an amazing organization.

    4. This is really incredible! From all of us at MamaBaby Haiti, thank you for including us!!

      -Sarah Preston Hesler, N.D.
      MamaBaby Haiti Medical Director


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