Thursday, March 10, 2011

Postpartum belly: 6 days after

I stopped taking belly pictures after day 6, since Eric is out of town. He ended up going on the last half of his immersion trip to the US Virgin Islands. It felt like a good compromise; we've settled into a routine and Eric's mom has figured out how to get the kids to bed, where everything is in town, etc. He phoned me this evening to say the weather is lovely and the snorkeling fantastic. Lucky him!
6 days after giving birth

I've gone through an obscenely large pile of books over the past few weeks. Basically all I do during the day is take pictures, blog, eat dark chocolate, nurse, and read with Inga lying on my chest. And sometimes take long baths in the evenings. I wish there were a way to slow time down. I know from having had two other children that this newborn stage passes so quickly. As much as you try to capture these moments in your memory, you forget so much.

Inga is a calm, snuggly, content baby. As long as she is on my chest or in the sling, she is the happiest thing ever. It's made nights a bit tricky because she does not like lying on her back or being swaddled. She's been sleeping on my chest or in the crook of my arm most of the time. She's so strong that she wiggled herself out of her swaddling blankets when she was just a day old! But being strong and coordinated also has its advantages. She can latch herself on in the dark with pretty much no help from me--something my other kids couldn't do until they were at least a month or two old.

I switched over to cloth diapers yesterday, but it's been so overcast and gloomy outside that I haven't taken the obligatory picture with her Canadian diapers. Maybe tomorrow. I feel like I'm coming down with something, so it's off to bed for me.


  1. You are killing me with the post partum look amazing!

    What a lovely babymoon. If only time could stand still for a while!

    Can't wait to see the cute Canadian diaper photo!!!

  2. Newborns are deliciously sweet and precious!

    I agree with Caroline, your PP belly looks fab!

  3. Whenever I discuss a blog post I've read, my husband will associate the blog I'm talking about with a picture on the blog. He knows your blog by the Canadian butt babies. I let him know to expect another addition.

  4. @Cassandra - My husband refers to it as the blog-with-the-statue.

    Congrats Rixa. Savor the babymoon.

  5. @Cassandra and ParaMarie - my husband calls her Rixa Freeze because I do. You never notice how your blog reading spills over into your daily life until your husband says "Rixa Freeze was tiling her bathroom at 9 months pregnant, what's your story?" And then I kick him in the shins.

    Rixa, I just love the imagery of you hanging out with baby Inga on your chest while you eat chocolate and read books. That's a perfect day if you ask me! :-) Enjoy!!

  6. Desiree, that's hilarious that your husband will say stuff like that! But be sure not to let him get away with anything sneaky. How about "Rixa Freeze sat around eating chocolate and reading her heart out, so why don't you too?"

  7. have you picked a middle name yet?

  8. I just want to say Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I actually was glad to see you included the resuc. portion b/c it shows that sometimes it just takes some gently nudging to get the baby going...not always the rub and stress-filled roughness that sometimes happens in the hospital. Beautiful, just beautiful. Enjoy your new family!!

  9. benefit of later born babies = STRONG babies! This has been true for me, for sure. SO glad you are experiencing this benefit.

    You DO look wonderful! ^_^

  10. That sounds like my first 2 weeks with #2 - reading, napping, nursing, Facebooking. It was a beautiful babymoon. It's so funny how anxious I was to be up and doing with #1, and with #2 I just lapped up the peace and quiet.


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