Friday, March 04, 2011

Let's name this baby

We've decided on a first name for this baby. We wanted something Scandinavian, since many of our ancestors originate from that part of the world. I had a college classmate with a really cool name that we both liked. So our new baby girl is named...

Inga Freeze

We're still working on a middle name. I want something short, preferably 1-2 syllables. Any suggestions?

I'm feeling really good. I've gone up a cup size or two and felt a let-down for the first time this morning. Inga is nursing really well. Now that the milk is flowing more plentifully, I can clearly hear her swallowing when she nurses. She loves sleeping on my chest day and night. A sling is the perfect thing for the daytime; I can hold her and type/eat/read/nap at the same time. Inga has already had 5 poops. The last one was much, much lighter in color, so the meconium is working its way out of her system. Can't wait for that easy-to-clean breastmilk poo!

I'm uploading the last of the videos for Inga's birth story. Stay tuned--it will be coming later on today!


  1. I have always liked the name Astrid, which is also Scandinavian.

    Good luck choosing, and congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

  2. Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful name and beautiful girl. I love the photo of Zari holding her- what a happy and proud big sister!

    Hope that you are enjoying the first few days with the new one and recovering well. Can't wait for the video and more birth details! = )

  3. Didn't your other two get their middle names from the placenta? Are you abandoning that tradition?
    She's beautiful!

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the world, Inga! Can't wait for the birth story.

  5. Congrats again -- love the name Inga!
    My daughter's name is also short and sweet - Jovie Bryn.
    Hope everything continues to go well for all of you!

  6. I had a feeling it would be a little girl. Congratulations, she is gorgeous! Maybe the middle name could be french? Elise?

    Welcome little Inga. She's a peach!

  7. Fabulous name and I'm so happy that the two of you are doing well!! I have no suggestions for a middle name but I'm completely sure whatever you pick will be awesome because all of you have the best names in the history of ever! :-)

    Of course, I told Drew right when you had the baby and told him that since we were planning to labor at home, it was possible that WE might have a surprise unassisted birth! He looked at me with death in his eyes and said, 'don't even think about it.' I couldn't help but laugh. :-) He's come around a whole lot, but not that much, it appears. :-)

    Enjoy your day, snuggle close to baby Inga and congratulations again!! :-)

  8. Congratulations on your baby girl :)

    I have always liked the name Jane. It's simple, feminine, but not frilly. Lane/Layne/Laine is nice too.

  9. Star
    May (a tribute to Ina May, though "Inga May Freeze" is a name that is also a sentence, so not sure if you'd want that.)

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your newest family member with web-world. What a lucky mama you are to have three little ones now, and lucky siblings to have a new companion.

  10. If you chose Ingrid as her full first name and call her Inga as a nickname, you will have tons of possibilities for a middle.

    As far as Inga, kinda going similar to your kids first names:

    Inga Eugenie
    Inga Seren
    Inga Else
    Inga Sofia
    Inga Mari
    Inga Elin
    Inga Johanne
    Inga Mathilde
    Inga Maren
    Inga Louise
    Inga Katrine
    Inga Genevieve
    Inga Beatrix
    Inga Astrid

    I could do more, I love looking up names, but Ill stop before I go overboard ;)

  11. Inga Rae?


  12. Greta's middle name is Katherine. There is a version used in Germany and Scandinavia: "Katchen" which I alwasy thought was darling.

    Inga Poppy? ;)

  13. what about Inga Ann

  14. You did great! What an amazing mama! Congratulations!

  15. Congrats!

    Just popping in to suggest Saskia :-)

  16. Rixa, I love Inga as a name. Congratulations, and as always, we're happy that you and yours are well. :) I think your calm in the face of pressure is a relief to see, and appreciate you sharing such a personal moment.


  17. Did you ever decide on a middle? Did I miss it? Love to know what you chose :)


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