Monday, November 05, 2012

Any Czech speakers out there? (updated)

I need help translating a few articles from Czech into English. They discuss recent Czech petitions to the European Court of Human Rights regarding home birth. I've run them through Google Translate and it gave me a very rough translation--enough to get the gist but not much else. Can anyone help?

Here are the articles:
  • (Most important)
The best Google Translate parts:
For example any cesarean should be feasible within 15 minutes. And to do this is by midwives needed including incubator, the delivery room and anesthesia machine. In addition, perform the "Emperor" can only doctor. 
What if we started referring to a cesarean section as an "Emperor"?

We'd have the Unneccesemperor...Vaginal Births After Emperor...Elective Emperors...Court-Ordered Emperors. Quite the ring.

This one really made me laugh:
Farrowing houses as a possible compromise
Now we can stop having vaginal births after Emperors in birth centers and start having them in farrowing houses! 


  1. hi! my friend just sent me a link to this post. i speak czech, but unfortunately i have 2 small boys, little free time and a lot of projects i need to finish before xmas. i'll see if my sister is interested, but she also has 2 very active little boys...Katka

  2. Thanks for your offer--I actually found someone to translate them for me!


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