Saturday, November 03, 2012

Birthdays, milestones, and more

Zari turned 6 on Halloween. She requested a "fairy garden cake." I don't know why you'd want to spend hours making fake flowers out of frosting when you can just use the real things. Voilà! Instant cake decorations.

Inga is 20 months old. Can you believe it? She's saying tons of words, putting two words together (baby doll, mama shoes, Dio car, two bears, etc.) and generally kills us with her uber-cuteness.

I made Zari a costume out of tons of scraps of fabric. Not really sure what she is, but a "gypsy" was the closest we could come up with. I have enough fabric left to make Inga a matching dress. Some day I'll get to it...

The other kids got recycled costumes. Dio was a butterfly (Zari wore this when she turned 4).

Inga was Little Red Riding Hood. (Zari wore this when she turned 1 and 2.)

Best news of all this week: my older sister had her first baby the day after Zari's birthday! Everything went as planned. With her husband and doula to help her, she had an unmedicated hospital birth and a fairly quick labor. Her water broke early in the morning. They went to the hospital a few hours later. Labor started almost as soon as they got there, and the baby was born after just 5 hours of active labor. The hospital is Baby-Friendly and has been really great. Woohoo! I love it when things go right.


  1. It's racist for you to use the term gypsy at all, & particularly to describe scraps on a white girl.

    1. The costume is gorgeous and it's ridiculous for you to call Rixa a racist. It's actually quite racist of YOU! Grow up, please.

    2. Gypsies have been a persecuted cultural minority. Dressing up as a Gypsy for Halloween is pretty much equivalent to dressing up as a Native American or a Jew, etc. It's culturally insensitive. Maybe she could be a dancer instead? The dress is quite nice.

    3. Agreed. I adore Rixa and have faith she will take this to heart. I was coming to the comments to say something myself. While I wouldn't have used the word "racist," that's because it makes people defensive (like some commenters), not because it is inaccurate, from an academic perspective. The Romany people(s) are real, living, breathing (and oppressed) cultures-- this is not far from someone putting on a loincloth, sticking feathers in his hair and calling himself an "Indian."

      Of course, it's always fun when you suggest something is racially problematic and get accused of being racist for noticing something is racist-- or even mentioning race. And the phrase "the ____ card" is always a dismissive good time. But I digress.

      It is a lovely costume. Easily a fairy of some sort, or another actual magical or mythical creature-- which "Gypsies," of course, are not.


  2. Like I said above, the costume is gorgeous and so is her cake. I love the idea of real flowers. I had rose petals on my wedding cake..much quicker than making flowers!

    I've been reading your blog since you had Inga, but I don't comment much. I have appreciated all of your information and resources and will definitely be researching your site more when I get pregnant.

    I had to reply to that commenter because I am so sick and tired of people pulling the racist card.

    Have a great day!

  3. Beautiful cake, beautiful dress, beautiful children. And give Diedra my congratulations on her new baby! I'm so happy for her.

  4. Not racist at all, and dressing as an Indian is not racist either.


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