Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Call for submissions from the Heads Up! Breech Conference

I'm wrapping up my session summaries of the Heads Up! Breech Conference. I've written the summary about the Frankfurt Study and am waiting to hear back from Betty-Anne Daviss (she is taking a look at my notes first, since their data is unpublished). I was busy preparing my own presentation on Sunday afternoon, so I missed the panel on Informed Choice. Then I had to catch my flight home as soon as I was done speaking, so I missed the last session on medicolegal issues. So here are some submissions I'm looking for:
  • Write-up of the panel on Informed Choice (Jean-Gilles Tchabo, Kimberly Van Der Beek, Jane Evans, Martin Gimovsky, Anke Reitter)
  • Write-up of the Sunday afternoon panel on Medicolegal Issues and Ethics in Breech Birth
  • Write-up of the Monday Into the Breech skills workshop with Jane Evans, Andrew Bisits, Anke Reitter, and Betty-Anne Daviss
  • Write-up of any of the breakout sessions I did not attend
  • Write-up of my conference presentation Connecting the Dots: The Future of Birth Advocacy 

If you'd like to submit something, please email me!


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