Saturday, December 15, 2012

26 weeks pregnant

My weekly pregnancy silhouette has turned into a biweekly one! The weeks go by too quickly to get a picture taken every time.

Inga at 28 weeks
Dio at 26 weeks
Zari at 27 weeks (25 weeks gestation)

Now some details for those of you who care:

I've been measuring ahead for as long as I could take reasonably reliable measurements. There was some uncertainty about dates initially, but it was in the other direction (i.e., possibly being 22 weeks at this point rather than 26). With my 3 other pregnancies, I have always measured spot-on for dates, no matter how much or little I was showing. So here are some figures from this pregnancy:
  • 18 weeks: fundus at umbilicus
  • 21.3 weeks: 25 cms
  • 24 weeks: 27/28 cms (I sometimes measure twice, keeping my eyes closed so I'm not "cheating")
  • 26 weeks: 31/32 cms
This is making me go " there just one baby in there or two?" I have my next prenatal visit on Monday and we'll discuss possible causes. I'm not opposed to having an ultrasound if there's a sound reason.

Everything else is looking good. Weight gain is similar to other pregnancies (+14 lbs). Blood pressure is nice and low. Baby is nice and active. I've been sleeping reasonably well and hope that trend continues.


  1. While I am no expert, this would seem spot on for measurements with twins. (Didn't I make a comment about twins when you announced your pregnancy...LOL.)

    Especially since you were unsure about dates in the OTHER direction.

    Have you had urine tests (i.e. protein or sugar that might imply other reasons?)

    Of course, I know you know all of this!! I'm curious for you! Hah!

    1. All urine tests have come back normal so far. We'll be talking about what I want to do with blood sugar screening at the next visit (possibilities include GTT, monitoring blood sugars over a period of a few days, eating as if I had GD (which is actually a good way to eat anyway!), or doing no testing).

  2. This silhouette looks awfully like the statue at the right side of your blog. :)


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