Friday, December 07, 2012

Pregnancy: Month 3

I hit a rough patch between the 5th and 11th weeks of pregnancy. The usual suspects--constant queasiness, no appetite, extreme fatigue, dizziness. I've never actually thrown up in early pregnancy; I just feel nauseated the whole time. Each pregnancy has gotten successively worse with its "morning sickness" symptoms. (Whoever decided to call it morning sickness anyway? Mine is all day and all night, and if anything gets progressively worse as the day goes on.)

The challenge for this quilt block was how to depict the third month of pregnancy. How do you visually represent exhaustion or queasiness? I thought and thought. I googled various search terms in conjunction with "quilt" or "block" but found no inspiration.

Finally, I decided to represent not the exhaustion or nausea, but what helped me get through it: reading books. As long as I was reading, I could ignore how icky I was feeling. So as soon as Eric came home, I would lie down, grab a book, and check out for the rest of the day. (And I did my share of reading during the day, too, while the kids were playing.)

I named this quilt block "Saved By The Books."

ps--some of you Second Womb Slings customers might recognize your sling fabrics :)



  1. Rixa, the quilt idea IS SOOOO BRILLIANT!!!......and the positive slant that u have taken on this,month is wonderful!!!! Your kiddos + DH are super lucky to have a creative & talentrd momma!! May you continue to have a healthy pregnancy CHEERS TO VEGGIES!!! Hugs from Wisconsin, USA

  2. I love the idea of this quilt.

  3. LOVE it. I can relate to all of those icky feelings - I watched a LOT of TV the first half of this pregnancy. Mainly BBC period dramas. haha. Books probably would have been better.....

  4. I see my green sling! love the quilt idea.


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