Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pregnancy: Month 4

I first started feeling movement at 11 weeks. It began with faint flutters and bubbles, the kind that you're pretty sure are baby...but not entirely. By 15-16 weeks, it was definite. At this time, it really felt like a fish flopping around inside me. If you've ever held a live fish in your hands--something the size of a sunfish or crappie--you'll know what I'm trying to describe.

So this quilt block for the  fourth month of pregnancy reflects the sensations of movement. I named it "Quickening."


  1. I know exactly when you mean! With each of my pregnancies, I've thought it felt like there was a fish inside me.

  2. That is just gorgeous! I'm four weeks along right now and am hoping to feel this baby kick much sooner than my first!

  3. I was surprised when I had heard of women feeling movement by 16 weeks, and then you said in your initial post that you felt it at what would have been 12 weeks, and now you say 11 weeks. How (un)common is this? I had a miscarrage at 13 weeks, and can not imagine that a fetus that tiny makes enough of an impact with the uterus to be felt (I was told once that I have a large uterus...). I never started feeling movement until 18-19 weeks at the earliest. I'm so jealous, LOL. I feel like I'm pretty in tune with my body, and I know I had none of those fishy feelings anywhere near that early :(
    PS....I'm getting a TON of script errors on your blog today.

  4. TracyKM, I don't know off the top of my head. It was super faint at first and, like I said, wasn't totally definite until 15-16 weeks. But I remember feeling movement really early when I was pregnant with Inga, too. It's nothing like 20+ week movement; it's more like tiny bubbles that are almost imperceptible.


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