Friday, April 19, 2013

2nd Home Birth Summit

The first Home Birth Consensus Summit in 2011 concluded with the creation of nine Common Ground Statements. We arrived at these through consensus, which was an arduous and sometimes frustrating process. Every single word had to meet everyone's approval.

18 months later, we reconvened for a Review Meeting. Instead of drafting new documents, we reviewed the work we'd been doing in our various action groups to advance the nine common ground statements. We discussed obstacles to achieving those goals and new ideas for each action group. It's amazing to see all the initiatives summit members have already started or accomplished. Once each action group writes its report, they will be posted and periodically updated on the Home Birth Summit website.

Two areas of great concern were health disparities--especially in communities of color--and the future of the CPM credential (including licensure in the remaining illegal/alegal states). Lots of fireworks and intense but productive discussions!

I enjoyed meeting so many people that I'd normally never be able to interact with: OBs, family doctors, pediatricians, nurses, midwives of all different credentials, malpractice & health care insurance adjusters, lawyers, political strategists, researchers, and more.

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  1. I am very interested in finding out more about family practitioners who attend out of hospital births. Can you help me out with any who were at this conference or you know from elsewhere?


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