Tuesday, April 02, 2013


We finally have a name!

Ivy Claire Freeze

Eric finally agreed this morning, somewhat reluctantly. Good thing he did, since my mom sent out official birth announcements--with the name--to her entire extended family last night.

Some names that almost made the final cut:
Brigitte (probably our overall 2nd choice, since my German grandma is named Brigitta, so it would have both German and French connections)
Gisèle (Eric's top choice, but I didn't care for this as much)

We put Ivy's footprints on this quilt square, then I embroidered around the prints and washed the ink off. I have two more squares to make: one for her birth and one for the newborn stage.

If you're wondering how I did the letters, I printed the words, put the paper under the fabric, and drew the letters with a fabric marker. Then I sewed over the lines with a zig-zag stitch. I stretched the fabric in an embroidery hoop to keep it more stable while I sewed. The end result isn't as perfect as with an embroidery machine, but I'm okay with that.

Some pictures Zari took today:

And a few I took:


  1. Love it. She's just as beautiful as her sibs.

  2. She is just lovely. Beautiful name!

  3. Ivy and Inga will make for quite the team as they grow older. Its a beautiful combination!

  4. So glad you settled on a name for your sweet baby! I had to chuckle at your description of Eric waiting for a "name epiphany." My husband just went through the same thing with our daughter. She was four days old before we had an official name and it was driving me CRAZY! He was also waiting for a lightening bolt moment, and I would have settled for any of our "Top 5." Ivy is gorgeous. Congratulations to you and your family.

  5. Adorable, Rixa! Congratulations. She is so cute. I love the name.

  6. Gorgeous! Congratulations again, Rixa. Your family is so beautiful and blessed. Tons of love to you during this babymoon!

  7. Such a chunky little hunk of gorgeous squish!

  8. Beautiful baby! She does look just like Inga!

  9. I'm a lurker, but just had to comment. My oldest daughter is named Ivy Claire. :-) Great name choice!

  10. That is so typical mother...

  11. I love the name! We contemplated the name Ivy. We have an Indigo and Iris. And Raven is on our middle name list.

  12. I love her name! I can sooo relate to how your husband felt. With each of our 4 children, I felt like we had picked the wrong name for about 2 weeks and was intimidated by the task of naming a human being for the rest of his/her life. My friend asked, "What, do you feel like the elders of the church should decide or something like that?" Lol.

    But as for your trouble calling her Inga, my 4th is about Inga's age, and I *still* call him by his older brother's name about 1/2 the time. Like Inga and Ivy, our third and fourth were our only consecutive siblings of the same gender, so I always attributed it to that. But her name is gorgeous, and in no time, I'm sure you will both feel like there is no better name in the world for her.

  13. Beautiful name! She is such a sweetheart. For the longest time I felt like we had chosen the wrong name for our oldest daughter, but now I can't imagine her being named anything else. I imagine Eric will feel that way about Ivy soon too.

    I so enjoy checking on your blog every night and was delighted to see that you had shared her name. Looks like everyone is enjoying those wonderful newborn snuggles <3


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