Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ivy's birth quilt

Here's the finished quilt! I did most of the quilting carrying Ivy in a sling. She doesn't like being set down--which is fine and normal--but she is cozy and content as long as she's on someone's body. I'll probably hang it in Inga's bedroom, which will eventually become Ivy's room when she's big enough to sleep on her own. It looks even better in real life with all the quilting and textures and different fabrics.

The top has a hanging loop of rainbow fabric scraps left over from Zari's Halloween costume:

I finally embroidered the Prince of Wales Hotel onto the square of Waterton National Park in Alberta (month 2):

The back of the quilt is fun, too:

Zari has been asking for her own quilt, since I only started making birth quilts with Dio. So during my last month of Ivy's pregnancy, I started cutting out squares of fabric. We're doing a simple design in a gradual rainbow of colors, all made from leftover fabric scraps. The front is all sewn together now.


  1. What an amazing heirloom to be able to pass on to Ivy!

  2. I love your quilt! So beautiful.

  3. Love the square with the Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton!

  4. This quilt is seriously so, freakin', precious!!! Love it. Such a special and unique way to commemorate your pregnancy and birth. And it turned out great!


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