Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ivy is 5 months old!

On top of almost crawling, Ivy has started grabbing her feet. And everything else within range. We have to really watch out when we're eating dinner, otherwise our plates (and food) end up on the floor!

I just put up her new baby hammock today. She slept SO well in it!! As soon as I put her in the hammock and start her bouncing, she conks out. Amazing. (Tutorial coming soon).

I've been a bit nervous using a different sleeping arrangement. I've only seen a baby hammock once before; I think they're more common in Australia than in North America.

I studied lots of tutorials and read up on safety issues, then designed my hammock so it's super slip-proof. The fabric ties on to the wooden support bar on each side. It also ties onto the carabiner on the top, so it can't slip from side to side. For added stability, I also added a D-clamp where the fabric goes through the carabiner. This probably won't make sense now, but it will once I make the tutorial.

Her belly button makes a perfect spiral.

Fun on the swing.

She pees on the potty really well, and I occasionally get some poops too. Unlike my other kids, Ivy only poops once every several days. So we don't get lots of opportunities to practice :)

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  1. Hammocks are really common here in NZ. The only issue I'm aware of is positioning newborns correctly so their chins don't end up on their chests -presumably Ivy won't have that problem. I wish my kids had been more into them. I hope yours continues to work for you!


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