Sunday, August 18, 2013

My kids have some awesome skills


Ivy can do a perfect downward-facing dog.

Kind of hard to see with a dress on...let's take it off.

See? Not bad for less than 5 months old!

She can also rock back and forth on her hands & knees.

A quick movie of her today:


We're working on potty-training Inga. She goes naked bum all day long and has never had a pee accident when she's been naked. She has a harder time pooping, though. She's so good at holding it --because she's naked and doesn't want to have an accident--that she's started pooping only while she's sleeping. But we finally got her to poop on the potty today. She was super excited. "My faire poop on the potty! My did poop four times!" And so on.


Really good at being cranky, refusing to do things, then finally doing them. Also good at giving hugs and snuggles. Likes to make rocket ships and boats out of scraps from the recycling bin.


Made her own laptop the other day. The keys even go up and down. It locks shut with leftover pieces of 3M Command Strips.

Started 1st grade (or "grade 1" in Canada) on Wednesday.


  1. Awww. Your kiddos look so much like you. Im impressed with Ivy. Alannah is 6 months and isnt attempting crawling just yet. Soon im sure. Have a great day! :)

  2. What a lovely group of kidditoes. Ivy's getting so big so fast; I'm looking after a nine month old who is crawling now. It is so fun to watch them develop. I'd have a million if I could afford them all...

  3. Zari's laptop demonstrates incredible creativity and ingenuity. Are you sure it's Grade 1 she's heading into ?~!

  4. Time flies! I don't read your blog for a little while and suddenly you have enormous children instead of just babies (and a whole new baby I'd missed!)


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