Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I'm making right now

...a baby hammock!

Ivy isn't sleeping well, and several readers suggested a spring-mounted baby hammock.

From Dwell

My first thought: "I can totally make that!"

I have lots of fabric and wood on hand. I have power tools as well as a sewing machine. So I took a trip to the hardware store yesterday and bought a large carabiner, a large eye hook, a spring, a D-fastener, three spring links, and a few feet of chain.

The fabric part is finished, and the wood support bar is cut and sanded. I'm waiting for some wood filler to dry (had an "oops--cut too far!" moment with the table saw). 

I've pinned several DIY tutorials here.

I'm also putting away edamame and picking tomatoes today. I made sauerkraut last week, but it's not quite fermented enough. Yum...


  1. Those hammocks looks so peaceful. I really wish our house had had enough space for one.

  2. i hate to be a downer debbie (wah wah waaah) :) but that hammock did not work for our baby at all. (all three of my bio babes were bad sleepers and i too was hoping this hammock would be the solution.) thankfully, i only paid $50 for mine, which was brand new - on Ebay. They cost something like $300 new from the company's website. Also, I believe they are considered dangerous when your baby can crawl out of them. my three bio babies started crawling at 5 mo. ivy already has some mad skillz :) so you might want to consider that, too.


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