Friday, July 24, 2015

Countdown & car races

We're leaving in 12 days! Or rather--12 days :(

I packed two suitcases today, put a few bags & boxes in the attic, and have bags labeled "stay in France" scattered around the house.

We've been in a heat wave since the beginning of July with no cool weather in sight. Compared to summers in the midwest US, it's lovely here: sunny, around 30/31 C (high 80s F) during the day and only cooling off slightly at night to 25-27 C (high 70s F). But air conditioning is still rare in French homes, meaning that it's as hot indoors as out.

I open all the windows at night, place fans strategically, and close up in the morning. But between the unremitting sun, the warm nights, and being on the 4th floor, we are TOO HOT!

We usually go swimming late in the afternoon when the heat inside is just too uncomfortable. We cool off in the almost-too-warm water and head home a few hours later for a late dinner. We don't go out much in the morning unless it's a place with shade.

Sometimes we improvise, like this morning when we played in a nearby water spigot and then raced cars down a little drainage ditch on the rue Rosetti.

Looking down the street towards the Place Rosetti

Zari was sitting on the ground taking pictures. "Mama, you're a giant!"

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  1. My word indeed, you do look incredibly tall; I like the fabric of your dress. And the drainage ditch which provided a much-needed place for fun !~! All cute photos, thanks for sharing.


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