Wednesday, July 29, 2015


One of my younger sisters visited me this month. She came with her husband and left her four kids with my mom.

The two of them visited just about every museum in Nice, walked miles and miles every day, ate lots of ice cream and pastries, and enjoyed going at an adult's pace. They took a trip to visit some friends in Germany, spent a day in Paris, watched a stage of the Tour de France, and even biked up and down Mont Ventoux. Well, her husband did!

We joined my sister on a few outings, including a visit to Eze, Cap Ferrat, and Fort Alban.

Ivy didn't want to walk up the stairs. We played a game of chicken to see who would capitulate first. She won.


  1. Lovely picture of you and your sister! I would have guessed that you were the younger sister however.:)


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