Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Freezes at the splash pad

Here's a little movie we made at the Miroir D'eau in Nice. Enjoy!

More about this area:

Old Nice is a triangle hemmed in by the sea, the Paillon River, and an enormous plateau housing a ruined medieval fortress. The Paillon was slowly covered over to make space for parks and gardens and, later on, roads and traffic circles and parking garages and bus depots. The river still flows underground.

Over the past 15 years, the city of Nice has transformed the area above the underground river. It moved several traffic arteries into underground tunnels, transformed other roadways into tram lines, created huge pedestrian squares such as the Place Masséna, and removed the hideous bus depot and parking garage.

Now the Promenade du Paillon is the jewel of the city, with parks, playgrounds, gardens, and outdoor theaters. One of our favorite places in the Promenade du Paillon is the miroir d'eau ("mirror of water"), a huge zero-depth fountain with hundreds of jets of water. In other words, a gigantic splash pad!

And in case you missed it in the last post, here's a movie of our family at the beach:


  1. Absolutely love these glimpses into your world. Thank you for sharing! Looks amazing!

  2. I love reading up on your adventures! Are you coming stateside in the fall? I hate that we have lost touch I would love to get together!

  3. Your little Zari is a talented narrator! I love her serious and sweet little voice. I wish we could come swim with you!


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