Friday, March 27, 2020

French quarantine day 8

11,449 steps

I seem to be on a sine wave, where one day I'm feeling confident and on the alternate day I feel worried--about the future, about getting sick, about all of the worst-case-scenarios I can imagine. And I'm evidently a champion at coming up with disaster scenarios, based on all of the nightmares I have of my children dying horrible deaths.

Every day that goes by without symptoms is one less day to worry that we picked up the coronavirus on our way over to France. We're still SO thankful that we left the States when we did. You know...disaster of epic proportions...too little too late...woefully de-skilled administration...words fail me.

In theory the quarantine is supposed to end this weekend, but I suspect it will continue another several weeks at least.

We did some school in the morning. Other highlights from today include

  • an indoor "snowball" fight
  • making artisan bread, quiche Lorraine, and tiramisu
  • getting keys to the empty apartment below us. It's the former offices of the Young French Communist Party and has been empty for the past 15-20 years. We got their blessing to start cleaning it is going to be a challenge with decades of dust coating everything. Perfect! What else do we have to do?


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