Monday, March 30, 2020

French quarantine days 10-11

9,751 and 9,013 steps

Yesterday France moved to daylight saving time. I guess it wore me out because I forgot to write an update.

I sat down to do some sewing yesterday (child-sized slings for dolls or stuffed animals) and realized my iron was broken and not repairable. I can't just go to a store and buy a new I had to put my sewing things away. Maybe I can borrow one from a friend?

There's something about being quarantined that has sapped my motivation: "I really should [respond to those emails/work on grant writing/etc.] but...nah...don't feel like it. Maybe later." It doesn't help Zari is using my computer most of the day to do her homework.

(How do children without access to computers or phones do their homework? It seems to be a class issue--I am sure not every household has computers and internet access.)


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