Monday, December 06, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 349: Burning the (almost) midnight oil

7,792 steps

Wow, with only 1 more full day left, my parents have been pushing to finish the projects we started. My mom finished upholstering the chair seats and moved on to the chair backs. One is done, one is in progress, 4 more to go. Inga helped my mom put on the upholstery tacks. 

And my dad and I powered through the staircase project. He built a template for the router, which we tested on a scrap of wood (perfect!). Then we routed all of the channels for the treads to fit into, 9 on each side. We had to re-build the template for the other side since it couldn't just flip over. Eric then worked on sanding all of the treads and the two boards.

Because we have people coming tomorrow morning to dig up the old tiles and about 15 cm of lime and earth, we wanted to get all of the coats of finish on. And we did it! We sanded, raised the grain, sanded, primer, sanded, 1st coat, sanded, 2nd 10:30 pm.

Eric made salmon caper quiche and quiche lorraine tonight, plus green beans.

I think that's all the news for the day. Oh, our German friends with the uber cute baby stopped by and got to try out the catamaran net. Baby approved! 


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