Monday, December 13, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 356: Floors, appliances

10,967 steps

Eric had some (academic) work to do, so I mostly puttered around by myself in the front apartment. It's going to be very interesting getting these floors level and flat. There is a 17 cm difference from the highest spots to the lowest dip! Because the lowest area is in the kitchen, we're going to make a step down in the kitchen area, keeping more overhead room in at least that part under the mezzanine. I think with the right finishing details it could look really cool. 

I patched up some of the holes in the floor with MAP, then put MAP around the bottoms of the walls where there were cracks. That took most of the day. 

Tomorrow we pick up part 1 of our kitchen--most of the cabinets minus the doors & drawer fronts. 

After dinner, I went to Darty and bought all of our kitchen appliances: fridge, induction cooktop, oven, 2-in-1 washer/dryer, and range hood. We already bought the dishwasher when we ordered the kitchen. 

Zari is working on a report about Tempete Alex, a huge storm in October 2020 that destroyed many villages in the mountains behind Nice. Some areas got as much as 22" (571 mm) of rain in 24 hours. 

I helped Dio learn the song Ameno for his music class. He was okay on the normal verses but the rhythms in the chorus kept tripping him up. 

Oh, and I am banned from Facebook again for uploading a birth video. I haven't found any way to appeal it, and I requested a review but they never reviewed it. So now I look like a creepy serial offender posting "nudity/sexual content". Ironically, I invited someone whose FB page is dedicated to birth videos to post the video in question, and she was able to put it up with no problems. 


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