Saturday, December 11, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 354: Supercharged Saturday

6,015 steps

Let's not repeat today. Way too busy. All 4 kids had soccer games today in various cities around the region. Eric had to bring them all to their games and watch (that's the fun part for him).

I would have helped out, but I was playing my violin at a nursing home and I was gone from lunch until after dinner. I still don't know how Eric managed to get everyone in the right place at the right time.

I came home from playing violin and had a breech live session 10 minutes later! By time I got done, it was bedtime for Ivy and Inga.

In the morning, I brought Zari to buy a new journal. She had the hardest time deciding, but when I said, "Okay, how about I choose for you?" she didn't like that either! She finally settled on a plain turquoise hardcover.

Our downstairs neighbors messaged me this morning that there were problems in their ceiling. I was thinking, "Oh no! We've caused parts of their ceiling to come loose!" but it wasn't quite so bad. I went down to see what was happening: some of the corner drywall tape had detached.

I called the contractor who took up our floors, and he said it was likely due to the 4 tons of weight being taken off the load-bearing beams, causing them to flex upwards slightly. That makes sense, since the areas where it happened were places that had been mostly undisturbed. Still, you never want to hear that you have caused issues to your downstairs neighbors! Too much stress.

Anyway the contractor recommended waiting to repair the tape until we've put all of our subfloors on, since we're adding some weight back (although very little in comparison to what we took off). So we'll have a bit more of expenses but hopefully no more unpleasant surprises.


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