Sunday, September 17, 2023

So much soccer

3 matches yesterday, 1 match today. Too much even if it's a good thing!

Inga was with a friend much of yesterday to watch a soccer match, then to watch her friend sing in a middle school choir at a "celebration of unity" downtown.

The rest of us went to the unity festival thing yesterday as well. Eric was scheduled to man the "Ask An Immigrant" booth. There were free games, activities, food, etc. And since it's a small town, we ran into a lot of people we knew.

Inga and her friend's family went out to eat afterwards at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Then she had a sleepover and a delicious breakfast this morning. Inga kept raving about how her friend's mom makes these amazing breakfasts. "She is the best mom!"

Well then. I guess I am a "not quite best mom" in that regard. 😂

It's true, we almost never have a cooked breakfast. A) I don't ever eat in the mornings so I really don't like cooking when I can't eat what I'm making and B) there's not enough time on normal mornings.

But to redeem myself slightly, I did cook a big pancake breakfast yeasterday for the friend who was sleeping over.

Zari is finishing an intensive online Algebra 2 course, due on Tuesday. She is a bit behind so this weekend has been filled with math...and me helping her, as much as I can given I haven't studied these things for almost 30 years! I call it "math moral support." Some things came back easily but others I'm scratching my head because it needs some time to sink in again. I mean, there's no way I could write the proof for cos2x = 2cos2x - 1 just off the top of my head, decades later!

A random picture that I found on my phone today...

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