Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Politics of Breastfeeding

Some days it seems that all I do here is pass on interesting things that other people wrote...It's the reality of being a full-time mother, dissertation-writer, and breastmilk-provider. So here is a great article about The Politics of Breastfeeding from The Toronto Star.


  1. Kurfuffle?
    Any chance you've seen anything else on the Y saying it's their issue? I'd sure like to read that. Thanks for sharing...again :)


    I sort of avoided all the Bill Maher stuff, but jeez o pete's when will it end? ALL the INSANE comparisons to sexual acts, innapropriate acts, and to even say that "the lactivists are whipping up their shirts in protest"--

    god, I get so mad.

  3. So, how is the dissertation writing coming? I'd love to read it. Do you need any amateur editors? hint hint


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