Thursday, September 20, 2007

I love garage sales

I found all sorts of treasures today, including:
  • a walnut desk for Eric's home office, $20 (he's been using a cheap laminate desk)
  • an oak Mission style children's rocking chair, $6
  • 3 framed pictures, $6.50 (I will spray-paint the frames black and put my own pictures in)
  • a pair of black slip-on leather shoes, $1 (I've been looking for shoes like this for a while)
  • a silicone bakeware set, $3.50
  • a wooden truck set, with a detachable trailer, $1.25
  • a fold-out metal luggage stand like you see in hotels, $0.50 (for the B&B)


  1. Great finds! I love that rocking chair.

    I'm having a garage sale on Saturday, and I hope everyone who comes thinks it's a good one. We'll see. Lots of kids' toys and other things.

  2. Sweet! Yard sales rock. I'm going to the big community one this weekend and I'm so excited.

  3. Good garage sale finds are the best!

  4. Can you post a picture of the desk, too?

  5. Wow - I want to hit those sales! I haven't had such luck in ages...people seem to like their stuff too much these days...lucky you! See, there IS an advantage to living in your town ;)

  6. Garage sales here are usually kind of blah. Lots of overly countrified, tacky trinkets. We live in a lower income area of the state and our town has lots of retired people. I usually have to go to a larger town for children's items. I guess I got lucky this time!

  7. I love garage sales too. We have tons of them around here, but usually there is only junk. The good finds I've had are typically from Goodwill.

    You asked about my camera--I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT and several lenses, plus a Speedlite flash. It's a great camera to start with. They have a newer version of it out now. I think it's the 400D XTi, I have the 350D XT.

    If you get a chance, would you mind re-sending those 4 e-books to me? My hard drive crashed and ate them along with my extensive collection of pregnancy links and articles. I have several pregnant friends I would love to pass those books on to!

  8. I'll send them--what's your email address? (You can email me privately at stand dot deliver at gmail dot com).

    Thanks for the camera specs...I am trying to decide if we "need" it. We have a camcorder that also takes pictures and they're run-of-the-mill snapshots. Fine, but nothing amazing. Just trying to decide if that extra expense is worth the possibility of really cool pictures...

  9. My friend is in medical school and one of her professors just did a research study (that I have yet to see published anywhere) on silicone bakewear. The results were that while at normal temperatures silicone is inert but when heated it produces some chemical that is potentially dangerous. In his mind - it was completely dangerous but he was having a hard time getting it out there.

  10. That desk is great. Thanks for posting the picture. :)


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