Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nurse-in at Applebee's

I will be participating in a national nurse-in on September 8th to protest a Nicholasville Road Applebee's in central Kentucky forbidding a woman to nurse her baby in the restaurant, unless she used a blanket to cover up. This request is specifically contrary to state law.

If you want more information about joining or organizing a nurse-in, you can join this new Yahoo group.

To read more about the incident, here are a few links:
The mom's story featured in a local newspaper
A description of the incident written by the mother at Mothering.com
The Lactivist has also covered the incident.

Beware the wrath of nursing mothers!


  1. I've been spreading the news of this all over the internet. It's too bad that it's the same day as my son's B-day party, or I'd be at our local Applebee's to show my support!

  2. wow, this is awful.... mother's should be able to nurse whenever wherever they want and need to. As if an adult would every be asked to go eat in the washroom or to put a blanket over their head while they finish their coffee.... here is another infuriating bit of idiocy...[ http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Columnists/Corbella_Licia/2007/09/02/4464973-sun.php ]

  3. I have started organizing and have a number of people going with, the support of the local Applebees and police department and have contacted all the media outlets I could think of....Lets hope this makes a statement that everyone can hear!

  4. I will be at my local Applebee's tomorrow. Sadly, my state does NOT have a law that supports or protects moms breastfeeding in public.

  5. We are getting rained out!!!!! :( It is already raining here and in brainerd....severe thunderstorms forcasted for the rest of the day....

  6. Tasha, too bad about the rain!

    Kathryn, what are the laws in your state?

  7. okay, so we are postponing until tomorrow when the forcast is good. Our rain has already been upped to 90% for here and 80% for brainerd and its currently raining hera nd thundering there....

    At least we will still do it.

  8. The only way to get this to stop is to hit them where it hurts. The pocket book. Sue!

  9. I think the woman involved with the original incident considered going the legal route--which if I remember correctly would involve a very small fine, something around $1000. So frankly that wouldn't hurt Applebees that much. Publicity, in this case, is much more effective.


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