Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Positive role models

I am usually not someone to follow celebrities. But this article about Jennifer Garner's balancing acting with mothering is noteworthy. She discusses her experience nursing her daughter while filming in the Arizona heat. Yay for moms who are dedicated to breastfeeding!


  1. On the topic of role models... How is ECing going?

  2. It's going fine. A few misses some days, other days we have none. She went through a period in France where she'd pee every 15-30 minutes (rather than every 1 1/2 hours or so) and it really threw me for a loop. Now she's back to her more regular schedule. She pees a lot in the morning, so I have to bring her a few times in the hour or two after waking up.

    She often will be dry the whole night. If she needs to pee (or has a wet diaper) she gets very restless. So that's my cue to change/pee her, otherwise I don't do it until she's up for the morning.

    She poops every 3-5 days, so even if I miss one, there are few poopy diapers. Now that her poop is slightly more solid, she actually makes little grunting noises so I know when she's going. That helps a lot.

    I have to vary how we potty, because I think she gets bored with the same old Baby Bjorn routine. Sometimes she won't go, even though I know she needs to, until I do something different like turn the water on in the sink and let her splash in it for a while.

    She's taken a fancy to peeing standing up in the sink, or while sitting in the sink playing in the water. Doesn't bother me, and she loves to splash around and put her mouth under the running water.

  3. I cannot wait to see her in person, Rixa. She is so beautiful.

  4. As a closet "celebrity baby blog" reader, I've actually been really impressed with how Jennifer Garner at least appears to mother...she is constantly with her daughter, playing, carrying, etc. Another one is Gwen Stefani...now back to the closet for me! :)


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