Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cesarean sections

I have seen so many articles, videos, artwork, and blog posts about cesareans and VBACs recently that I thought I'd put together a list:

Cesarean bodies and scars:
News articles about cesareans and VBAC:
Birth stories and videos

Cesarean art
Research and writing
Improving the cesarean experience
Blogs and more
Anything I missed? Let me know and I will add it.


  1. Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive and diverse list.

  2. Yes! My video, Journey to VBAC:

    What a great list...thanks for putting it out there.


  3. Yes, Don't for get this one! A homebirth after 3 c-sections

  4. Perhaps the most comprehensive source for VBAC info on the web: It's great!

  5. Thanks for the great list of resources, so much good blogging going on out there! And wow to the SMH series -- excellent journalism down under!! I wish they did stuff of that quality in a major daily here in the US of A. Sigh.
    By the way. The exponential risks for placenta accreta after multiple sections really worries me for HBAC mammas. I'm assuming accreta is diagnosable via ultrasound? Do home birth midwives recommend it for HBACs after multiple cesareans?

  6. Yes, an ultrasound will reveal if there's an accreta. I think it would be prudent for a VBAC mom to have an ultrasound to check the placement/insertion of the placenta. Placenta accreta and previa are both more common after prior cesarean surgeries.

  7. Here's my HBAC story:

  8. I'd like to suggest three links on the subject of planned cesarean delivery that may be of interest to your readers, particularly the first one. Perhaps you'd be happy to add them to your list above?


    Thank you


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