Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Come to The Trust Birth Conference, by Sarah Buckley

Carla Hartley, director of Ancient Art Midwifery Institute, has brought together an amazing group of speakers who are not only passionate and articulate, but who are at the forefront of knowledge and activism.

At the Trust Birth conference you will be inspired and informed, with practical ideas that you can take back to your own community and professional work.

Be informed by the hard evidence from Henci Goer, whose ability to summarize and critique the medical studies is among the best in the world.

Be challenged by Michel Odent, who asks if humanity can survive our current obstetric practices.

Be trusting of birth and its safety for mother and baby, as Sarah Buckley gives you the medical evidence and the amazing hormonal story of why birth is safe and intervention is risky.

Be nourished in your practice by Jan Tritten, editor of the wonderful magazine Midwifery Today who will share ‘The wisdom of the grandmothers’: what midwives all over the world know about the safety, sacredness and importance of birth.

Be entertained by Heather Cushman-Dowdee, aka Hathor the Cowgoddess, whose antics have given a laugh and a dose of sanity to mamas all over the world.

Be inspired by Debby Takikawa and her film What Babies Want, which distills the evidence for gentle treatment of babies – and support for parents.

Be moved by Rachel Correa, whose profound story of homebirth and stillbirth was a highlight of the recent Australian Homebirth Conference.

Be activated by Heather Brock’s workshop on getting our post-birth bodies in shape, including our pelvic floor and abdominals. (They must be here somewhere!)

Be educated outside the box with midwife Gail Hart’s workshop as she discusses whether Gestational Diabetes is a scare tactic or a legitimate concern.

Be amazed by Lennon Clark as she describes the ability of babies to communicate their elimination needs, which can eliminate the need for diapers and help save the earth!

Be pushed in your ideas around pushing in labor, as a panel of midwives discusses the “P’ word: is is useful, and whether our bodies can do it for themselves.

Be immunized against false information on immunization, as Kristi Zittle shares wisdom about the risks of immunization and the benefits of natural immunity

Be compassionate as you hear the lovely Marcy Axness shares stories, research and soul perspectives on post natal depression.

Be expanded in your mind and pelvis as Gloria Lemay shares her amazing pelvic perspective, in "Pelvises I have known and loved” (based on one my all-time favourite articles).

Be safe or not: what does safety in birth mean, and how does it apply to birth choices? Join Rixa Freeze who is writing her PhD on the unassisted birth movement.

Be adventurous and discover more about why women stay at home alone, choosing unassisted birth. Panel with Rixa and other freebirth advocates and mamas.

Be thrilled to meet some of your heroes and heroines in the birth movement.

Don’t forget to bring your books for signing, or buy copies at the conference!

Be reinvigorated when you leave, filled with wisdom and inspiration to continue the important--perhaps the most important--work for mothers, babies, fathers and families everywhere.


  1. *sigh*

    I wish I could go. Does sitting at the computer reading aobut it in my Trust Birth t-shirt count?

  2. I am confused. Why would gestational diabetes be a scare tactic? What does the medical community have to gain by scaring woman of risks that are not really risks? Really, I am confused by this.

  3. I wanna goooooo! Why oh why does it have to be on the clear opposite end of the country?

    Next year, it should be a tour. That comes to the East Coast. ;)

  4. I wish I could be there, but I hope you'll tell us all about it when you get back. :)

  5. I can't go but one of the Saskatoon doulas is going, so at least Saskatchewan will be represented!

  6. Dag, I wish I could go. I have a performance 3/10 and lack the funds anyway. I'll just hope to hear ALL ABOUT IT from those of you who are able to go.

    Best wishes for an awesome conference!

    Rixa, will you consider sharing your presentation materials at some point?

  7. I second the East Coast tour idea!!!
    Only the West Coast crunchy folk in California and up in Oregon get to have all the fun? No fair. And for Midwesterners, it's a shorter cheaper flight back East, you know!

  8. East Coast! East Coast! 2009!

    (thats me chanting)

    Have a wonderful time!!!!! Sounds like a stellar line-up, and please tell us the excercises when you return, huh?

  9. Chris, I will address your questions in the near future. Too busy at the moment...

  10. Thank You. I appreciate it.

  11. I'm sorry so many of you East-coasters can't come. :( But, I just wanted to let you know that there won't be another Trust Birth Conference next year, and likely, never again. There has been a HUGE amount of work that has been poured into this. This is going to be a once in a lifetime event, here, everyone!

  12. I hope that you will all move heaven and earth to get here. I have promised my family that I will NEVER do this again. I have held 2 other conferences, but I was not prepared for the enormous work and stresses that this has been. So THIS IS THE ONE you need to come to. And if money is the issue, we have some options for you....group discounts, sell adds for commission, etc. I am really doing everything I can to make it a reality for as many as possible!
    Birth is Safe; Interference is Risky - Carla


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