Monday, January 14, 2008

Singing in labor

Those of us familiar with unmedicated labors are used to hearing women vocalize during contractions. We often talk about women's "birth songs," although frankly that phrase is often a euphemism for sounds that are more like a bellowing cow or roaring lion or some scary monster from a b-grade science fiction movie. Eric described my pushing vocalizations as "coming from the belly of the best."

But...sometimes women actually do sing--and I mean SING--during labor. Bellies and Babies recently posted a video of her friend singing during her labor, accompanied by her husband on a guitar. It's beautiful. Supposedly she had a couple contractions during the video, but I had a hard time telling when!

Singing during labor makes a lot of sense. It makes us take nice, deep abdominal breaths, and then sloooooowly release the air as we sing. It also ensures that we keep the mouth, throat, and neck relaxed, which is great for keeping the pelvic area loose as well.


  1. What a stunning video. Wow wow wow.
    Thank you for passing it along.

  2. I sang during my labor. The picture on my blog is me during a contraction (smiling) between contractions I sang. It really was an incredible experience, one I could never have imagined before the birth. I had read Ina May's stories but until I had my VBAC, a part of me wondered if ecstatic birth was real. Thanks for the post!

  3. wow. this clip really made my week. I got up at 4 am to attend a birth today, and while I waiting, I played this clip a few times. Caught a lovely baby girl then, with this beautiful mama's voice still in my head. I showed the clip to my labor nurses, too, and they really enjoyed it also.

  4. Things were not progressing so my Doula put on the Grease soundtrack. The entire room was singing and I felt it really helped put me at ease and back on course.


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