Monday, June 15, 2009

6 & 7 week pictures

almost 6 weeks old
A few vacation pictures from last week:
playing on a cannon
time for a nap
7 weeks & 1 day old today!


  1. oh my, is he ever darling.

  2. wow he's chunking up at the same rate as my boy. well my boy started bigger and so it bigger... but they are filling out the same way. kinda cool to compare.

    your girl is getting so big! she is beautiful!

  3. ohhh, sweet o', he looks like Eric!

  4. What a gorgeous, snuggly, cuddly bub. Congratulations.

  5. Found your blog on someone's blog roll. That baby is SO CUTE! Those precious eyes.

  6. IT'S A BABY!


    Sorry, cute baby photos always drop my IQ by about 75 points.


  7. These pictures make me want to go off my birth control! Too cute!

  8. Rixa, he looks like you! :)
    So adorable. How do you like being a mama of two?

  9. meremortal--I'm enjoying it. It's a bit hard to have a grumpy baby, because I have very little time to sit and adore the baby because he gets fussy so often. But I love him nevertheless. Zari really likes him and is gentle, for the most part. She has been exhibiting some signs of adjustment from being the only child to having to share her mama--more frequent tantrums, more clinginess, more requests to nurse.

    What I find hard at times is that I can't attend to everyone's needs right away. With one baby, it's pretty easy: they cry, you pick them up, nurse them, change their diaper, whatever. But when both kids are crying or upset or need me, one of them has to wait. Often it's Zari, because she can understand concepts like waiting and knows I will help her when I have a hand free. But sometimes I have to let Dio cry when I'm in the middle of attending to Zari.

  10. They are both so adorable! He is a living doll:)

  11. I love how you post pics of your two cuties :) Glad to see that all is well in your family! I just wanted to let you know (if you already didn't know) that the "Our Bodies Our Blog" blog gave a shout out to you and your most recent publication:

    I was like "Hey! I read her blog!" Pretty cool mama!


    P.S. LOVE what you Canadians are doing up there with your new breech birth initiative!


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