Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Three down

Last night's death toll: 3 (mice, that is). We have an infestation. I keep finding mouse poop in more and more places, some of which I can't figure out how a mouse could even get there. I first saw a mouse less than a week ago, and I finally bought glue & spring traps yesterday. Eric felt really bad when we caught the first mouse on a glue trap. "Can't we take it out into a field or something? It's so cute," he said. But I had been cleaning mouse poop for several hours, armed with bleach spray and old rags. I didn't feel very sentimental about its eventual demise. I showed Zari the other two (caught on the same glue trap) in the morning. She was fascinated.

Some 5-week-old pictures:


  1. Ugh! I HATE mice. We had a horrible infestation in our house in Utah, and it took a long time to get rid of them completely. I shudder even thinking about it. What was crazy was that I was scrupulously clean the whole time they were there. It was just awful!

    Dio, on the other hand, is adorable! I love how alert he looks when he's looking over Eric's shoulder. Such a beautiful boy you have there, Rixa. :)

  2. What a sweet round face! He looks a lot like a friend's baby I know.

  3. He is adorable!

    And good luck with the mice! We had a roach infestation 3 years ago, and they were just as stubborn - and loathsome to look at! Infestations of any kind are no fun.

  4. Dio's face has certainly matured in the last few weeks. He looks wiser, as if he has gotten over the confusion of birth and has now settled into our world. Does he still act cranky? He looks peaceful in the pictures.

  5. Um, how is he 5 weeks old already? Craziness. He's beautiful!

    And mice = yuck! We had a small problem with them in our place a while ago. Haven't seen them OR poop in a while.

  6. Mint oil keeps mice away :) Dio is very handsome! Did you investigate reflux any more?

  7. I'm currently on the hunt of mouse that we discovered last night. Please consider using snap traps though instead of glue traps as they're much more humane. (Bait them with peanut butter and tie over the bait pad with a loop of panty hose so the mouse can't just grab the food and run.)

    Don't get me wrong - if they venture into my house they have what's coming to them. I just don't see the need to make them suffer if I don't have to.

  8. He is so beautiful. Can't believe it's been 5 weeks! Time flies even when there someone elses!

  9. Dio looks like you!!! Wow, he's adorable and looks very content.
    I agree with the Laura about the glue traps. I think that is horrible. A fast death is much more humane.

  10. I imagine you've already considered cats? How about a good mouser?

    (Relatively young females are best in my experience; you can adopt a young adult from the Humane Society or local shelter, and you get the bonus of saving a life.)

    It's a great three-fer deal.....you get a good mouser, you save a kitty's life, AND you get a great pet for the kids!

    A cat may not be in the cards for you for allergy reasons or because you may want to wait till your kids are older.....but just thought I'd toss the idea out there.

    I've found kitties to be the best and least toxic solution to the mouse issue in general for our household (least toxic to us, majorly lethal to the mice!).

    Hope you find a good solution for your household.

  11. Can't have cats--my mom is terribly allergic. Plus I don't really love cats all that much.

    I used both glue & spring traps, but so far the mice have eaten all the bait and never sprung the traps! I put peanut butter down first, and they licked it all off. Then I tied cheese down with lots and lots of loops of string, so they couldn't just pull it off and run. They ate all the cheese and somehow managed to avoid springing the traps. I figure either way the mice will die and if they won't spring the snap traps, then glue traps it is.

  12. Micey, micey go away. Don't come back another day. I passed your blog on to a few midwives I met at a conf over the weekend. Hopefully they'll come visit you. :)


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