Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Midwife, nurse, and doctor blogs

I've come across a few new nurse blogs recently:

1) Nursing Birth. You've got to read her "Don't Let This Happen To You" series!

2) The Man-Nurse Diaries. Be sure to read his recent post about nearly bleeding to death from a cesarean section. The cesarean was scheduled because of a breech presentation. As I've been preparing to do research for a presentation at the International Breech Conference, I've been thinking a lot about the ramifications of having a breech baby in today's medical and legal climate. Universal cesarean section is not the best solution to breech babies. I hope that this conference will result in more doctors and midwives offering vaginal breech birth.

Anyway, here's my current list of birth-related midwife, nurse, and doctor blogs (taken from my sidebar). Are there any other good ones that I'm missing? Are any of my links outdated? I haven't had time to check them all recently.

  • 10 centimeters and beyond

  • A midwife's muse

  • Andrea's Diary

  • At your cervix

  • Australian College of Midwives SA branch

  • Babycatcher

  • Babycatcher33

  • Belly tales

  • Birthfriend's place to ponder

  • Close to the root

  • Gloria Lemay

  • Homebirth happens

  • Homebirth: Midwifery Mutiny

  • Hospital birth debate

  • Midwife with a Knife

  • Midwife: Sage Femme

  • Midwifery ramblings

  • Midwifery world

  • Missionary midwife mama

  • Missions of a baby catcher

  • Mom's tinfoil hat

  • My journey

  • N is for nurse

  • Navelgazing midwife

  • Nursing Birth

  • Permission to mother

  • PinkyRN

  • Radical midwife (in the making)

  • Rebirth

  • Rural doctoring

  • Somewhere south of the equator

  • Tales from a future OBGYN

  • The Man-Nurse Diaries

  • Village Midwife

  • Women in charge

    1. Thanks for including me on your list. It brings me pain to hear that woman had to submit to a cesarean because the baby wouldn't turn vertex. Good luck at your presentation.

    2. Thanks for including me. I'm a half midwife, half doctor blog. I have trained halfway in both careers. Hopefully I will finish one soon!

      You got almost all of my birthy blogs from my reader. I also read The Blog That Ate Manhattan. She is an ob/gyn, but spends more time on gyn than ob, generally.

      I also read Mothers in Medicine (and I have guest posted on there:) ) It is a community of many mothers-who-are-doctors bloggers.

    3. Rixa, Thanks so much for the link! I've been working on my next "Dont let this happen to you" about a primary "elective" cesarean section. Thanks again!


    4. Thanks for the links! I just spent the past hour pouring over nursing birth. What a fascinating blog. It was also chilling. When I was pregnant the first time, I was terrified of giving birth in a hospital, more afraid that of the labor itself. Good to know it wasn't an irrational fear. . .

    5. take back the

    6. (Melissa) (Anonymous nurse) (Amy Romano, CNM) (Shelley Binkley) (Kevin Pho)

    7. Thanks for the great list!

    8. Rixa,
      Thanks so much for sharing these links. I especially loving Nuringbirth since I am also an LD nurse who believes that the current medical model of birth leaves much to be desired.

    9. Thank you for some great new reading! I appreciate all the additional ideas from the comments, too.

    10. Thanks for the inclusion! I'm quite honored to be mentioned next to Nursing Birth. And thanks for a list to dig through, too.


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