Friday, June 19, 2009

More on breech & the SOGC

There's a lot of conversations about the new SOGC guidelines on vaginal breech birth. If you'd like to read the complete text of the new guidelines, an editorial by Dr. Lelonde, or commentary by Dr. Kotaska (one of the physicians featured in Pushed; he traveled to Europe to obtain training in vaginal breech birth), visit the SOGC's Media Advisory site on breech birth. Those documents, and more, are available as PDF downloads near the bottom of the page. Be sure to read the editorial and the commentary!

A few more links discussing the SOGC guidelines.
Any other blogs, articles, or links worth reading?


  1. For someone who has been around long enough to have witnessed breech deliveries (not so much footling breech mind you) I am very happy. The tide seems to be shifting, hallelujah! As a weird side note, my husband was a breech baby who was delivered while my MIL was in
    "twilight sleep." She does not remember a thing, but my husband appears to be a high functioning member of society!

  2. I like this statement under the "SOGC Clinical Practice Guideline", under Setting and consent. It's a nice contrast from the AMA resolution 710 and "patients who think they own their physicians" and dealing with "ungrateful patients".

    24. Women with a contraindication to a trial of labour should be
    advised to have a Caesarean section. Women choosing to labour
    despite this recommendation have a right to do so and should not
    be abandoned. They should be provided the best possible
    in-hospital care. (III-A)

  3. Last night I asked my spouse if he wanted to move to Canada to retire. It is begining to sound like a better place to deliver babies. I asked since I will be working for the rest of my natural life and he wants to retire and ski. So Canada is looking good.

  4. I've posted my comments on my blog at

  5. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Kotaska speak at the Seattle REACHE Conference this year, along with Jennifer Block and some other amazing people. I LOVE THAT MAN. He is by far one of the best M.D.'s I've ever heard speak on the subject of birth and birth statistics. If you ever get a chance to listen to him speak, I highly recommend it.

  6. I'll be interested to peruse this information at length later. As you know, I had twins at home last year and my first baby was born breech. It was just such a non-issue and she was born just fine.

  7. This is so encouraging to me! I'm currently 35weeks 4days pregnant with twin boys who insist on staying breech... we will be attempting a breech homebirth, but it's a wonderful to know that there are places that recognize that a C-section is not always necessary and not always the best option. :)


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