Friday, October 23, 2009

Things that make me smile

I came across three things today that made me smile.

First, NursingBirth's post How one mom “Walked, moved around, and changed positions” to a successful hospital VBAC! This was written as part of Science & Sensibility's Healthy Birth Blog Carnival #2 on moving, walking, and changing positions during labor.

Second, the National Advocates for Pregnant Women have announced the winners of their writing contest. The contest "asked law students to address the statutory, constitutional, and/or human rights arguments that can be made to challenge the trend of banning pregnant women from having a vaginal birth after a caesarean section (VBAC)."

And finally, this lovely short film Too Big For My Skin. Thanks to TopHat!


  1. beautiful video.

  2. I am so glad I made you smile today :) Thank you so much for the link! The video was beautiful too! Thanks for sharing!


  3. The video was hypnotic....I liked it. Glad you are smiling.


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