Saturday, October 31, 2009

3 years old!

Zari is three years old today! Halloween is the best day for a birthday. We've gone to two different Halloween parties this week, plus the regular trick-or-treating tonight. We're having a very informal birthday party tomorrow night. Zari requested a soccer ball cake again. I think I'll make it out of ice cream this year instead of cake.

This morning we opened presents--or rather, a present (Adidas Samba soccer shoes, which is what we got for her last year) and three cards from friends and family. Then we looked through her baby scrapbook, made foot & hand prints in the book, and marked her height on our closet doorway. She's grown about 6 inches in the past year! I think I'll read through her birth story tonight before I go to bed. Here are pictures from her first and second birthdays.

Halloween was insanely busy again this year. Our entire street was closed off to traffic for about 14 blocks. We bought about 1,000 pieces of candy and ran out after two hours. I was glad to be done early because it was quite cold this year.

I was going to make Zari a dragon costume, as she'd requested, but then I found this used one for $3. There are wings and a tail and spikes down the back. She's been wearing it for the past two weeks. Whenever anyone would say, "oh, what a nice dinosaur," she'd reply, "I'm not a dinosaur. I'm a green dragon!"

We've been talking a lot about food that is good for your body. While we were trick-or-treating tonight, she told me, "If I eat all of the candy, I will feel sick. That's why you just eat a little." Smart girl!

Our next-door neighbors built a pirate ship off the end of their porch. Zari's standing on their porch next to the pillar.

I tried to get her to lie down in the graveyard next to the ship, but she didn't want to. She said it was too windy.

I just noticed that the kids match. I didn't do that on purpose. Their jackets (both secondhand) are even the same brand.

Happy birthday Zari!


  1. I like the outdoor photos. Your landscape is so picturesque and totally different from anything around me.

    Happy Birthday Zari!

  2. Happy Birthday, Zari. Thinking of you, Halloween girl! (we have one over here too-a fun time of year to have a b-day.) So sweet to see the pics of the kids in these last few posts. Thanks for sharing all your birth info and lovely family. Blessings to you guys, from the L's =)

  3. Happy Birthday! We had really warm weather. Which is strange for us? I didn't get one trick or treater! Which is not unusual. I live in the woods.

  4. happy birthday zari!!

    Roan's not far behind, we're having his party on the 8th.

  5. What a great neighborhood for kids! Happy birthday sweet Zari! My daughter's is 4th of July. I really like the non-gift-giving holiday birthdays. :)

  6. your neighborhood is incredible! we didn't have one house in our neighborhood giving out candy. : (

    i love that zari is so into soccer! that is awesome! and- my daughter was a dragon on her 3rd halloween also.

  7. That is awesome! I loved the Halloween pix, especially Dio lying in the "cemetery"... ahaha!

    In regards to Zari's healthy eating choices, my aunt is a child-food expert and writes a great blog all about that topic. Here is the link. She would be very impressed with Zari's choices at such a young age!


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