Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Food for thought

Another quick post...I was going to head straight to bed but just had to link to this one:

At Feminist Childbirth Studies, she discusses breastfeeding, feminism, cost, and value, a post inspired by a comment to an earlier post breastfeeding, sexism, and feminism.

Also read her Slow Food Parenting Series. I especially love her thoughts on breastfeeding as Slow Food, which she talks about in parts III and IV.
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Okay, it's time for bed, really. I look forward to reading your comments over on her site!


  1. So this question is off topic. Sorry about that. But it is about childbirth. I am doing a paper on Free standing Birth centers. I was wondering if folks that are choosing homebirth, would choose a free standing birth center with a midwife if there was one close to them? Also what would the birth center have to have in order for folks to want to birth there? Thanks Rixa

  2. I delivered my first child in a free standing birth center. it was an amazing experience and no where near my house. My decision against home birth was because of our room mates. I felt bad for them hiding in their rooms while I bellowed through my contractions.
    Now pregnant with our second child I wouldn't dream of having anything but a home birth. Even if The birth center was next door. It has nothing to do with location or convenience but finding the best space to have the natural birth we are looking forward to.

    * we have toured two birth centers in California and neither of them hold a candle to the water birth center we had our daughter in 2008. The level of professionalism and kindness was unbelievable. My partner and I strongly recommend Andaluz water birth center to any one wanting to deliver in Oregon.


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