Sunday, November 08, 2009

The world, as seen by Zari

Zari has learned how to take pictures and she is addicted. Lots of blurry ones of random objects, of course, but she's also taken some nice ones of us recently.

Zari loves to organize, sort, and line things up. Anything is fair game: rocks from my flower vases, sling rings, blocks, stuffed animals. Today it was plastic dinosaurs (her birthday present from my mom).


  1. That's so funny that Zari lined up her dinosaurs like that. My 3 year old does something similar, inspired by a book, "Dinosaur Parade" (see:

  2. our two sound so similar.

    Roan's been taking pictures for a while now. any time he can get his hands on our camera. it started with me saying "find daddy on the screen" and he slowly moved the camera around until he found daddy. He's become quite the pro at it. lol

    His favorite thing to line up is all his cars. He "drives" them around for hours it seems. Never goes far without little hot wheels in his hand. we've lost them at restaurants, grocery stores, in the yard and in the bed sheets.
    he'll "vroooom" and line them all up.. then start over again.

  3. I remember Josh lining things up all the time. He still will with cars sometimes.

    You look so pretty in that picture.

    And I'm commenting on the previous post here since my time is short. I love your idea of doing a leaf pile. Are you going to cover during the winter, or just leave it all out in the open? I wish we had fewer trees in our yard (I never thought I'd say that) so we could find some good gardening space, but we can't take anything out since we're renting. Oh well. The shade IS quite nice, though the leaf piles in the fall are daunting to say the least!

  4. We're leaving the leaf pile open to the elements. It will start to compost a bit, albeit slowly, just from sitting. It keeps shrinking down as the leaves get wet and smoosh together.

  5. It's great to see you Rixa!
    -Melanie Moore

  6. I love chid-eye-view pictures! Sometimes I'll put up whole posts of them for my family, with amusing (to me) captions about the artist's intentions. So far my 2-year-old's aren't as focused as Zari's!


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