Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tooth!

Dio's normal drooling turned into a veritable fountain a few weeks ago. He's been soaking through shirts and bibs and jackets. And he's been a bit grumpier than usual. We looked at each other and said, "maybe he's teething?" A few days ago I spotted two little bottom teeth just beneath the skin. So today I wasn't too surprised to feel Dio's first tooth poking through! The other one will pop out soon, I'm sure.


  1. Congrats on the new teeth!

    Got a question for you: We're trying to get pregnant again, and I've read all the usual pregnancy books: What to Expect, A Child is Born, Belly Laughs, Hypnobirthing: the Mongan Method, Birthing from Within... I started reading "baby books" when my Mom was pregnant with probably about her 4th or 5th (of 8), and I was briefly apprenticed to a lay-midwife in high school (though that didn't work out), and I want something to read for this next pregnancy that's a bit more, I don't know, "prescription strength" than the usual "over the counter" books at Barnes & Nobel. I was hoping you could recommend something good. Maybe a midwifery text, I don't really know. Something that will have a bit more information about Mom's changes & Baby's development as the pregnancy progresses.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Ritsumei, I really like Sheila Kitzingers books. If nothing else she has great photography.

    The studies I have been reading lately have very positive outcomes of prenatal yoga to decrease labor pain. Might be worth looking into. Beginning life is a beautiful book on in utero pictures. The author is Geraldine Lux Flanagan. It sits on my book shelf next to Sheila.

    I wish you success and happiness with your new goal.

  3. Rixa: Do you save the teeth? I still have all of my daughters in a box. And my son swallowed the first tooth so I am missing one with him.

    Also I was thinking of you the other day when I visited a friend who is also LDS. She had just delivered her 11th baby. A beautiful boy named Brigham. What I love about her is that she always has a small child that want to sit on my lap!

  4. congrats on the first tooth. My little one started teething by 3 months and had his first tooth in by 5 1/2 months. At a year he had 8 in, and, now at 14 months he's got a total of 14 broken through (with two more just below the skin), including 4 molars! Hope your Dio is a little bit more relaxed about it than my Thomas!

  5. You might enjoy reading these two books in tandem:
    Birth Territory & Midwifery Guardianship
    Proactive Support of Labor

    2 very different approaches to a similar problem (why are so many labors disfunctional? What can we do to promote more women having spontaneous vaginal births--and positive experiences, too?)

  6. Thank you for the book recommendations!


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