Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dio's first solids

A baby's first solid food is often an exciting milestone. You might snap photos of them tasting an apple slice or film them grimacing over mashed up carrots. Dio's first solid food was...well...a bit more exotic than mushy vegetables.

Today Dio was grunting and working hard to poop. I thought, "Hmmm, that's weird. It's not like breastmilk poop is solid." So when I changed his diaper, I found two small pieces of cardboard, still bright green on one side. They came from a thin box holding comic book candy sticks. I saw him chewing on it yesterday and fished a piece of mushy paperboard out of his mouth. Obviously I missed the other pieces.

I'll spare you the pictures.


  1. That's hilarious! Today Sarah asked me if she could give Anna some "mashed up popcorn". I had to explain to her, again, what kinds of foods babies can eat :)

  2. One of Lily's first solids was a good chunk of one of those handwritten address tags the airlines have you put on all checked luggage . . .including car seats. It, too, came out nearly intact. Very strange to see something with your very own crystal-clear handwriting on it come out of a diaper!

    I kind of wish I had a picture, now that I think about it. More for her amusement when she's older than anything.

  3. Funny! My now-almost-three-year-old's first solids were a "Hubba Bubba" wrapper, presumably left behind by one of my preteen nephews, also discovered during a diaper change--and you *could* still read the words "Hubba Bubba" on the wrapper.

  4. When I found a little black bug in my daughter's poop I wondered when on EARTH did she eat THAT!

  5. Ewwwwwwwwwww!

    Judah's first food was a pickle. Seriously. Long before I was really ready to feed him anything-- he just saw Sofi eating one and signed for it, so I gave him one :)

  6. Apparently, when I started scootching/crawling around the house, I managed to swallow a yard-long piece of string. My *very* surprised father was changing my diaper and saw the tail end of a string coming out, and just started pulling... and pulling... and pulling. My brother also ate a blue crayon once, and other than some VERY impressively-hued diaper contents, he was fine.

  7. My first thought when I saw this post was "where are the pictures?"

    but then, well, I'm glad there weren't any!!

    I'm glad everything came out okay. ;)

  8. That is so funny! We have been finding all kinds of strange things in Princess's Diaper (she is on a slight potty strike) most notably raisins, paper, a nut she found off the floor. (my son like to make trail mix, but half the items end of on the floor instead of the bag). I guess she's not allergic! By the way congrats on the media award. It is so wonderful how much influence you are having. Your kids are beautiful. Miss ya!


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