Friday, July 29, 2011

Changing topics

I solemnly swear not to write about breech...for a while!

I've been a single parent this week while Eric has been on a research trip in Alberta. Dio puked at 3 am this morning and now I am coming down with something. It's been hot, hot hot. High 90s last week, mid-90s this week and 90+% humidity. We keep our house between 80-85 degrees, so it's not much cooler inside.

Zari is soaked and happy

Do any of you dress your kids in hand-me-downs from the other gender? Dio is wearing a perfectly nice pair of Zari's pink flowery leather sandals. I don't care, he doesn't care, so we're all good.


  1. Isaac is currently sporting a pink shirt with a basketball on it. It was Margaret's but it's now his. He still looks as masculine as a 1 year old can look!

    And Zari is so big! Look at that braid! It's so long!

  2. Hang in there mama! I only have one two year old son, but I have put him in his (girl) friends clothes when we were at their house and his got dirty/wet. It's all good!

  3. Hahahaha!!! Yaaaaay!!! So exciting to see this post :) What a great pic of Zari she is looking so much older and mature now.
    I hope you feel better ASAP!

    Love your blog Rixa! You made my day!

  4. LOL! my son (now almost 4, then 2) has worn his (girl) friend's clothes before, as well as his girl cousins clothes! lol you do what you must.

  5. EH, my son's favorite color is the one in the 80s known as 'acid pink'. He likes to wear it with 'neon green'. I figure its a stage just as he had a black stage. It was very emo.

  6. Horrifying that you would put a male child in pink and flowers. Just horrifying.

  7. My daughter wears her older brother's hand-me-downs all the time. If it bothers people that much that this happens, they clearly have too much time and not enough real stuff to worry about.

  8. Horrifying is kind of a strong word when talking about shoes - and this is coming from the shoe addict!

    My mom used to paint my brother's fingernails because he would get jealous when she did mine.

    If Dio's cool, then all is right with the world. :-)

  9. I only have a daughter so far, but she wears quite a few clothes and shoes that are supposed to be for a boy. I can totally see a little boy of mine wearing some of her hand-me-downs. For sure, any boy of mine will be wearing pink diapers because we will be re-using our cloth.

  10. Doesn't bither me! I put my son in some of his sisters clothes if they don't look too girly. He has 3 sisters whadaya expect?
    When i paint our toes all he knows is he doesn't want to be left out of the fun so i paint his too. There will come a day, all too soon ;(, that he won't want anything to do with his sisters so I indulge him(and take pictures!
    He is 4 1/2 so sue me!
    Dio looks cute, and i put Lizzie in some of his old clothes just today. A pair of Nemo jammies!

  11. Yeah Rixa! It breaks my heart when I hear folks say they "can't" hand me down clothes because they have clothes of the wrong gender. (our neighbor said, "Too bad Ollie is a boy, I have TONS of 18 month old clothes, but girls clothes!" When I said I didn't really care and I'd take them anyway she looked at me like I was crazy. She never followed through with the clothes - shucks.
    My general "duh" moment is - if baby/kids clothes weren't so obscenely gendered from the start (Like, "Lady Killer" and "Princess" or ruffles and pleats on everything girly!) we wouldn't have to worry about getting frazzled about gendered clothing.
    My son just wore lavender shorts with a silver heart on them today. And guess what? they weren't hand me downs - I bought them ($2 for light cotton shorts - no problem). I love your nonchalance and practicality about life in general, but especially birth and child rearing. This is my most favorite birth blog for that reason!

  12. i agree with above reader about the genderly obscene clothes. it happens with bikes too! it's either princess puke or dirtbike motorcross. why can't a bike just be blue or red or yellow or green?
    i think it's to encourage us to buy buy buy more!

    i put my kids in cross gender clothes all the time. my two year old dd's favorite undies are thomas the tank engine and buzz lightyear undies. it's always funny to see people's faces when she pulls up her dress:)
    i say- hey, at least she is wearing something- it's a good day when we get out of the house and she has remembered to put some on!


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