Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lecture on upright breech birth

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Upright Breech Birth: 
What We Can Learn From the Germans
Lecture by Betty-Anne Daviss

Saturday, July 16, 7pm
Pharmacy Building, Room 150
Butler University

Betty-Anne Daviss has undergone extensive training in Germany in
upright breech birth. A professor at Carleton University, Daviss has
30 years of experience as a midwife in Canada.

What is upright breech birth?
A decade ago, German obstetrician Frank Louwen began doing vaginal
breech births with women in an upright (hands and knees) position. The
results were compelling—fewer fetomaternal complications, less
umbilical cord compression during the pushing stage, and reduced need
for maneuvers, leading to lower maternal and perinatal morbidity. His
Frankfurt clinic has delivered approximately 1,000 vaginal breeches in
the past decade, 90% of which were in the upright position.


  1. It must have been fate that brought me to Germany to get pregnant with a girl who just insisted on being born breech!

  2. Is this located in Indianapolis, Indiana?

  3. Yes, it's in Indianapolis.


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