Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vintage beauty

Several months ago, I bought four yards of 18" wide vintage hand-printed Norwegian linen. It was very retro, and I wasn't sure what to do with it.

Then my sister bought me several linens for my slings, and I was inspired to pair the print with a solid cream linen. 
The end result has a decorative panel (also functions as a pocket) of the vintage print on the tail.
By the way, I'm open again for business at Second Womb Slings. I have lots of gorgeous new linens and silks, and more batiks to be added for my infant scale slings.


  1. Beautiful, Rixa! I need to order flame dots with bronze for my baby scale. Lovely.

  2. Gorgeous! (and very tempting ;)

  3. I love that sling! I've got another mama to buy one for soon, too.

  4. I am new to slings. I have 1 child right now and he very much loves to be held during naps. I get stuck on the couch for hours sometimes because that is the only way he will sleep for any length of time. My son is 3 1/2 months old. How long do you use your sling? Can you start using one with an older baby?

  5. You could certainly use one with a baby who is a few months old. I use my all the time when they're tiny. Now that Inga naps well on her own, I use the sling when I'm going places or when she needs to be held and I need my hands free. She still naps in it occasionally when we're out for a walk and she's tired. If you have a baby that needs to be held during naps, I think a sling or other soft carrier would be perfect! Other types of carriers I really like are soft structured carriers such as the Ergo. I've used mei tais and didn't like them quite as much, but other people love them.

    If you sew, you can make yourself a ring sling with the instructions on the top right sidebar (pleated ring sling tutorial).

  6. Jenn, I still use my sling I bought from Rixa with my 2 yr old occasionally. I used it all the time during her first year whenever we were out of the house and often at home when she needed to be held. Now I use it about once a week when she really wants to be held and I need to cook. I just put her on my hip and crank out the pancakes. :)


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